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15 June 2011

seems like everybody's got a price.
i wonder how they sleep at night.
when the sale come first.
 and the true come second.
just stop for a minute and smile.
why is everybody so serious?.
acting so damn mysterious.
got your shades on your eyes. and your heel so high.
that you can't even have a good time.
 *everybody look to their left. everybody look to their right.
can you feel that,yeah. we're paying with love tonight.
its not about the moneyx3.. we don't need your moneyx3..
we just wanna make the world dance.
forget about the price tag.
 ain't about the,uh cha-ching.. cha-ching..
ain'tabout the,yeah ba-bling.. ba-bling..
+wanna make the world dance. foget about the price tag.
we need to take it back in time
when music made us all unite
and its wasn't low blows and video hoes
am i the only one gettin tired..
why is everybody so obsessed?
money can't buy us happiness
can't we all slow down and enjoy right now?
guarantee we'll be feelin alright

ulang* hingga +

we keep the price tag and take the cash back
just give me six streams and a half stack
yes all i need are keys and guitars
and guess what in 30 seconds i'm leaving to mars
yes we leaving across these undefeatable odds
it's like this man you can't put a price on my life
we do this for the love so we fight
and secrifice every night
so we ain't gon stumble and fall never
waiting to see a sign of defeat uh uh..
so we gon keep everyone moving their feet
so bring back the beat  and then  everyone sing

 ulang ~

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